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doctors have a futuristic vision of medicine that tries to include new content in the formation of technologies in medicine and health care.


Biomedical engineering

Biomedical Engineering occupies an important space in the development of the Medicine. The 21st century is witnessing achievements of significance whose consequence will be a better quality of life for the populations of all countries.


The project of a team for medical use is an activity that involves the general guidelines to approach a biomedical equipment project, whose details make its specificity pacemaker, ventilator or dialysis machine.

Hotodynamic Therapy

Photodynamic therapy, a novel curative and preventive treatment for skin cancer that is not melanoma, has important advantages over alternatives such as surgery, said dermatologist Laura Alfie, who said that 92 percent of patients get cured.

Mito that cure cancer

There are weeds or medicinal herb supplements that cure cancer. False: Some patients take weed infusions or herbal supplements in the hope that they can help cure cancer. In fact, there are no scientific studies that demonstrate its healing power. Some of these supplements may affect the effectiveness of medications that doctors usually prescribe and may cause side effects or interfere with the effectiveness of traditional therapies.

Swelling or training

Some redness, swelling or crusting may appear after treatment, but you have to know that these are mild side effects and that they resolve quickly. The recovery time to get a renewed skin varies between five and 15 days approximately, "said Alfie.

Colorectal cancer

Scientist has identified 40 new genetic variants associated with the predisposition to develop colorectal cancer, which are added to other 60 discovered in previous work and improve the design of the genetic architecture of this neoplasm, the most frequent its possible application in preventive screening in the general population.

Vaginal cancer treatments

Cancer treatment varies according to age, health, type and condition of the cancer. Nowadays medicine has different procedures to try to cure this process.

Advanced cancer treatment

Advanced cancer that can not be cured can often be treated. The physical symptoms that it causes can almost always be controlled. The goal of treatment should be clear at any stage of the cancer. You should know if the goal is to cure the cancer, slow down its growth and help you live longer, or relieve your symptoms. Sometimes this can be confusing because some of the treatments used to cure cancer can also be used to slow down their cancer or relieve symptoms.

Is cancer cured?

In relation to cancer, the term cure is applied when a time free of illness has elapsed that the experts establish in general in five years from the moment of the diagnosis. However, this does not prevent relapses from occurring, although the overall forecast in recent years has improved considerably and it is presumed that this trend will continue in the future.

A virus could cure cancer

As we explain below, that virus manages to overcome the tumor cells because it reinforces the healthy ones in people with cancer, specifically with melanoma, who are being treated with immunotherapy. Who has directed the research that demonstrates

Vaccine against cancer

Scientists are already testing one of the most anticipated advances in medical science in recent decades: the vaccine against the most aggressive cancers that exist.

The option that cures the most aggressive tumors

Advanced cancer that can not be cured can often be treated. The physical symptoms that it causes can almost always be controlled. The goal of treatment should be clear at any stage of the cancer. You should know if the goal is to cure the cancer, slow down its growth and help you live longer, or relieve your symptoms. Sometimes this can be confusing because some of the treatments used to cure cancer can also be used to slow down their growth or relieve symptoms.

Prostate cancer Treatment options

This section describes the treatments that are the standard of care for this type of cancer. "Standard of care" means the best known treatments. When making decisions related to the treatment plan, patients are encouraged to consider the option of participating in clinical trials. A clinical trial is a research study that tests a new approach to treatment.

What is breast cancer?

Breast cancer is the uncontrolled growth of mammary cells. To better understand breast cancer, we must understand how any cancer develops.

Technological advances in the detection of cancer

Colorectal cancer is, today, the most frequent malignant tumor. Improving the diagnosis and its treatment are two of the main challenges facing health in our country in recent years. Therefore, having a specific unit that covers all phases of the disease has become a key element. And, next to it, the rest of pathologies derived from the colon, rectum and anus, to achieve a global vision of the different diseases in the area.

Stomach cancer treatment

Important research has been done on stomach cancer in many university hospitals, medical centers and other institutions around the world. Scientists are learning more about what causes the disease and how best to treat it

Antioxidants stomach cancer

Cancer is a set of diseases that is characterized by the abnormal proliferation of cells that divide without control and have a high capacity to invade organs and tissues, and spread through the blood and lymphatic system. Cancer is one of the main causes of morbidity and mortality throughout the world.

Chemotherapy drugs stomach cancer

Some studies are trying new ways to combine treatments that are already known to work against stomach cancer or other types of cancer. To treat stomach cancer, several chemotherapy drugs have been approved and used, and some are used in combination with each other.

Five innovative technologies that are helping to fight cancer

1.- Nanorobots that destroy tumors

For some time now, the nanorbotics have been emerging as one of the most efficient technologies when working on a small scale. And that is precisely what a group of researchers from Harvard do, who, in mid-2014, managed to develop a 'squadron' of nanorobots at the service of health technology.

Detection of cancer in a drop of blood

This technology was led by the Institute of Photonic Sciences of Castelldefels, in Barcelona. It was there that a team of international researchers was coordinated to develop a nanochip of gold particles that is helping to detect cancer. To do this, researchers just need a drop of blood from the patient. Once analyzed, they only need a few minutes to perform the detection and diagnosis of the disease.

New system against mom's cancer

As we explained before, one of the biggest problems faced by cancer patients is not only the treatment, but their tumors have been discovered in too advanced stages. Against this problem fight Oncovisión, a Valencian company that a few years ago developed Mammi, a system that also detects early cancer, in this case the breast, thanks to its high-definition molecular images

The most advanced treatment against cancer

The Quirónsalud Group will install in Pozuelo de Alarcón what will be the first proton therapy center, which will start operating from 2019 and will involve an investment of some 40 million euros. The center will be open to patients from all backgrounds, both public and private health, and their professionals will work in coordination with the patients' reference physicians to ensure continuity of care.


Childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia, also called acute lymphocytic leukemia (ALL), is a disease characterized by a disorderly proliferation of immature cells of the line lymphoid (blasts) that arise from the stem cell in the bone marrow. Growth disordered white cells in the bone marrow, blocks the normal development of cells red and platelets. The mother cell develops two different types of white blood cells: lymphocytes and neutrophils There are two types of lymphocytes


Although many adult cancers can be prevented by changes in style of life that reduce certain risk factors, at present no form of Prevent most types of childhood cancer. In addition, most adults and children with leukemia have no known risk factors and, currently, there is no way to avoid the origin of leukemia. Children with a higher known risk of getting leukemia due to Li-Fraumeni syndrome or Down syndrome, for example careful medical examinations should be done periodically The frequency of leukemia in children with these syndromes, although it is greater that in the general population, continues very low.

Imaging studies Radiographs

During the course of diagnosis and evaluation of a child with leukemia, it is often Take x-rays of the chest and bones. These can show a mass in the thorax or Evidence that the leukemia has changed in the bones or, in rare cases, in the Ultrasound joints.

The backbone of therapy

Maintenance in most protocols includes daily oral mercaptopurine and weekly oral methotrexate. If the patient has not had cranial irradiation, intrathecal chemotherapy is usually administered for CNS therapy during maintenance therapy. Clinical trials generally indicate the administration of mercaptopurine at night, this practice is supported by evidence indicating that it improves disease-free survival.

follow up of children with leukemia

Patients who go into remission continue to be examined regularly by the doctor. Once the remission is induced and the therapy after it is completed, it is necessary to continue with a careful periodic evaluation of the patient's health status, make cell counts blood and, if necessary, bone marrow transplants. With the passage of time, the Evaluations can be made more spaced but should continue indefinitely.


Why is early detection important? Since the development of the breast cancer until this is detectable, several years pass. TO as the tumor grows, the cells acquire a potential increasingly aggressive, with greater ability to metastasize and to become resistant to treatments. For this reason, we are certain that detecting cancer breast in a precocious phase multiple benefits


Does a patient have the right to know your medical history? Yes. In fact, the patient, throughout the entire process, has had to Be informed of the evolution of your disease. If what you want is consult with another professional, what What you need is a complete evolutionary report that describes, from the beginning of the disease, the different clinical phases with the treatments administered, and obviously their situation at the present time.


We have several forms of treatment for patients with breast cancer. Local or locoregional: such as surgery and radiotherapy Systemic chemotherapy hormone therapy and, more recently treatment with monoclonal antibodies

Vaginal cancer

A young woman with vagina cancer exposed to clinical case diethylstilbestrol and review of the literature. We analyzed the case of a 20-year-old patient, who was exposed in utero to diethylstilbestrol, as a probable predisposing factor to manifest vaginal cancer. The diagnostic pillar, in addition to the family history, was the taking of incisional biopsy, with histopathological report of clear cell carcinoma


It is that cancer that occurs in the ovary. Its most frequent form of growth is peritoneal seeding, which occurs when the tumor cells detach and spread through the abdominal cavity colonizing the peritoneum. Different types of ovarian cancer receive the names of the cells from which they are derived. Although its classification is very complex, the two most important groups are epithelial tumors (90% of cases)

Skin cancer

The immune system of the skin is weakened by intense exposure to sunlight, which causes damage to the skin cells and modifies their genetic material. His system repairman can not eradicate serious defects caused by UV radiation in their cells and transmits incorrect information to daughter cells. If these continue to be divided in an unlimited way, they can mutate and develop years later skin cancer. There are different types and subcategories of skin cancer.

Skin cancer: Basal cell carcinoma

The Argentine Society of Dermatology, attention to the epidemiological, clinical, therapeutic and morbidity importance of skin cancer in general and of basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma in particular, has been commissioned to carry out this consensus recommendations guide, where different aspects of both tumors .


The overall cancer cure rates seem to haunt 50% Therefore, cancer is not an irremediably lethal disease, it is more, unlike many chronic diseases, which are incurable and progress and end up complicating, Many cancers heal without having to give more problems.

Cancer and society

World Cancer Day is celebrated on February 4 of each year, the date established in the Charter of Paris in 2000. The Association Against Cancer has adhered to this manifesto in order to support the worldwide mobilization aimed at eradicating cancer, committing to meet the following objectives in the fight against this disease:

What would be the feeding of a person with cancer?

Most cancer treatments are long and combine different therapies which, in turn, can cause various side effects in the patient. Yet thus, the basic food recommendations are the same for all types of oncological processes and the phases of treatment, although they should be adapting as the different symptoms or side effects of the treatment appear.


Drinking is essential and, especially, for people receiving cancer treatment. It is necessary to keep the cells of the body well hydrated so that they can better withstand chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatments. Therefore, it is advisable to ensure the intake of about two liters of water (7-8 glasses) daily.

Food groups that should be present at lunches and dinners

 Wheat, rice and other cereals or grains such as quinoa, oats and all its derivatives bread, pasta ... Along with potatoes and legumes, make up this group of foods and should always be present at lunch and dinner. It is advisable to vary and select regularly, in case it is not contraindicated, the integral version of cereals and derivatives.

Food in the genesis and prevention of cancer

In Spain, mortality from cancer represents 28% of all deaths . The data currently available suggest that aspects related to diet cause around a third of all cancer deaths. It is estimated that 30-40% of all tumors in men and up to 60% in women are related to diet in developed countries, so that diet is the second preventable cause of cancer, only after smoking . Therefore, delimit the effects of diet on the risk of cancer is of great importance in Public Health. However, until today the investigations have only been able to show some clear effects and great areas of uncertainty have yet to be resolved.

The guanabana against cancer

For sure, I never knew why my brothers and I were forbidden by our parents to ingest guanábana naturally, already in champola with milk and sugar when we had a cold, flu or catarrh. According to them, it was too cold for these conditions. Over time I became interested in the aforementioned species of the plant world, and although I never came to clarify the hypothesis of my parents, I did obtain knowledge about the plant, also called by botanists as the fruit of the Graviola tree.

Properties of the soursop, graviola or chirimoya Brazilian

Its main composition is water, high caloric value due to the presence of carbohydrates, contribution of minerals such as calcium, phosphorus and iron and rich in vitamin C and provitamin A. Table I shows the contents of the main components of the fruit.

Aloe and cancer

After more than twenty-five years of research devoted to the fight against cancer, Dr. M. Moss concluded that treatments with chemo-therapy, as conceived today, fail to prolong the patient's life. . According to him or not, what no one doubts in the scientific community is that this treatment causes significant side effects, including the debilitation and destruction of the immune system. On the other hand, a series of investigations about aloe vera seem to demonstrate that this plant possesses properties capable of rehabilitating and strengthening this defense system.

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