Is cancer cured?

In connection to malignancy, the term fix is connected when a period free of disease has slipped by that the specialists build up all in all in five years from the snapshot of the determination. Nonetheless, this does not keep backslides from happening, despite the fact that the general figure as of late has enhanced impressively and it is assumed that this pattern will proceed later on.

There are a few factors that can establish that a disease is treatable. The first is the likelihood that it tends to be identified in its underlying stages, that is, the thing that in Medicine is known as early finding, which isn't constantly conceivable with the exception of on account of a couple of kinds of malignant growth: bosom, neck uterine, colon, prostate or stomach, for which symptomatic procedures are accessible that are as of now routinely connected.

More then likely, later on, the choices for early conclusion will be more prominent, on account of the learning gained in connection to tumor markers and the advancement of logical strategies for their recognition. Remember that, all in all, malignant growth starts to create side effects when it is as of now progressed

The critical thing, on account of tumors that influence tissues of various organs, is that the tumor is the thing that oncologists call restricted tumor, that will be, that lone the essential tumor exists and there is no metastasis. Provided that this is true, medical procedure is the best healing choice

Be that as it may, medical procedures are impractical with regards to disease of the lymphatic framework or blood. Like lymphoma and leukemia. In spite of this, with as of now accessible medicines, there are mending choices, implying that particular sorts of malignant growth are more forceful than others.

Something else is that it is likewise obvious that the latest factual information offer a clear tendency to reduce mortality. For malignant growth on account of this frame basically to the logical advances that have been registered in recent years in both diagnostic techniques and treatments.


What is it? Angel therapy is a pseudotherapy that is based on communication with angels to offer healing. A therapist serves as a mediator who delivers messages from angelic origin to the patient. the therapist can also use a deck of cards (letters or decks of the oracle) as tool to transmit these messages that are intended to advise changes for the improvement of the patient. although the majority Practitioners refer to the spiritual and emotional benefits, many also emphasize that the angel therapy is able to heal physical ailments or diseases. Any individual can get to this treatment paying little respect to their religious convictions.


Who created it?

It was created by the American Doreen Virtue, who mentions her in her book angel therapy 1997. He has distributed various books on correspondence with blessed messengers and pixies. Doreen Virtue declares to have powers of clairvoyance and communication with spirits. He has also designed a deck of cards that would facilitate communication with angels.

Does it really work?

Starting not very far in the past, nobody has had the ability to show that he is really prepared to do communicating with invisible beings or supernatural of any kind. So the messages that therapists offer their patients do not have a divine or angelic origin, which strongly discredits the fundamentals of the therapy.

Is there a possibility that therapists' messages and advice revert to healing, even if they are not of divine origin? because the therapists of the angel therapy lack medical training, they are not trained to offer us advice to solve health problems. Your health advice may not be adequate or even harmful.

The healings ascribed to this treatment can be clarified by the regular course of the disease. The patient is restored in light of the fact that it is a passing disease the patient is being treated with physician endorsed prescriptions by a specialist at the equivalent time that goes to the angelic therapist and attributes the improvement to the latter. the placebo effect. It ought to be noticed that these practices are not identified with religion, past the use of names of biblical characters (angels, archangels and god among others). It isn't done in houses of worship nor is it perceived by it.


the angel therapy is not suitable for the treatment of ailments or diseases since it is based on the affirmation until now demonstrated that some people communicate with supernatural divine beings. In addition, those who exercise it lack medical knowledge

Text written by Mariano Collantes Alegre, Bachelor of Biological Sciences, Master in Molecular Applications in Health Sciences and PhD in Evolutionary Genetics in the Cavanilles Institute of Biodiversity and Evolutionary Biology.

Pancreatic cancer

We talk about pancreatic cancer when cancerous malignant cells form in the tissues of the pancreas and approximately 95% of them start in the exocrine cells. In any case, we should start from the soonest beginning stage

What is the pancreas?

The pancreas is an elongated gland that is located in the abdomen, near the stomach, intestines and other organs and is made up of two different types of cells, each responsible for performing a fundamental function in the body

Exocrine cells are responsible for producing juices (enzymes) to break down food. Endocrine cells, on the other hand, make hormones, such as insulin and glucagon, which enable control to glucose levels and use and store the vitality that is gotten from food.

Life expectancy of Pancreatic Cancer

Due to its position in the abdomen - behind the stomach and colon and in close contact with important abdominal structures such as the bile conduit, the intestinal supply routes and veins - it is extremely simple for the tumor to invade other organs and spread rapidly. Consequently, it is viewed as a standout amongst the most forceful tumors of the stomach related tract.

Most of individuals with pancreatic malignant growth kick the bucket from this sickness in light of the fact that the tumors are diagnosed late. Right when various organs are dispersed it is hard to treat.

How tumor and genetic factors are formed

The etiology (origin) and the mechanism of pancreatic carcinogenesis are still unknown. It is trusted that cancer-causing agents, for example, tobacco and liquor cause a modification of the pancreatic duct cells generating their malignant transformation.

The genetic factors responsible for transforming the cells of the pancreas into cancerous ones are not known precisely and the particular qualities that are included have not yet been identified. In this way, it is conceivable to anchor and have a family inclination to continue it