Drinking is basic and, particularly, for individuals accepting malignancy treatment. It is important to keep the cells of the body all around hydrated so they can all the more likely withstand chemotherapy and radiotherapy medicines. Thusly, it is fitting to guarantee the admission of around two liters of water (7-8 glasses) day by day.

The best choice is dependably water, however there are additionally different liquids to hydrate, from shimmering water to teas and mixtures through stocks, and every once in a while in juices pressed foods grown from the ground smoothies of products of the soil or vegetables [see the accompanying table] Because of its sugar content, it is fitting to restrain the utilization of soda pops, business juices and other sugary beverages.

Seasoned or fruity waters

In some cases aromatizing a little water can help increment your utilization. For this, an orange, a lime or a lemon can be sliced to pieces and include a liter of water. Mix a bit. You can likewise include some mint leaves or a bit of ginger, for instance. On the off chance that you need to improve the kind of the organic product in the water, the best alternative is to set up a juice glass of any natural product (pressed or melted) and weaken it with three glasses of Water. It is prescribed to include a couple of drops of lemon juice toward the end. .

Pressed juices The natural product reasonable for crushing are orange, tangerine, grapefruit, pomegranate.

Natural product juice shakes

You can get ready condenses of practically any natural product just as blends of organic products or with new herbs Any thoughts:

  • Apple and pear and a splash of lemon.
  •   Pineapple and pear
  • Kiwi and peach
  • Apple, melon and grape
  • Pear and mint
  • Apple, strawberries and fresh ginger

Sustenances developed starting from the earliest stage juices

Results of the dirt smoothies are moreover a scrumptious and nutritious decision.

  • Orange and carrot
  • Pineapple, apple and carrot
  • Pear and cucumber and a few drops of lemon
  • Apple and celery

Vegetable broths

The plant decisions are various and changed and can be set up from different vegetables and also in mix with flavors, fresh herbs, etc. A model. Warmth up a liter of water with a fourth of cabbage, a leek, some celery sticks and a touch of ginger for 30-45 minutes over low warmth. Strain. Another recommendation Boil an onion, a handle of fennel and a carrot in a liter of water for 45 minutes. Strain.


The market offers a wide variety of teas and a combination of imbuements, anyway they can in like manner be set up at home successfully from sweet-smelling herbs mint, thyme flavors (cinnamon, fennel seeds, anise, cardamom, citrus strip, ginger or mixes of them. To set them up, heat water as far as possible. Present the settling, spread, oust from warmth and let rest no less than 10 minutes before focusing. They can be acknowledged cold or hot as indicated by your needs. The extent of settling will rely on the intensity of taste you need. In Generally, a tablespoon of cakes for each glass of water will take care of business


Fluid choices that can enable certification to proper hydration. Persistently use olive oil as a fat tendency, both for cooking and dressing, in a perfect world extra virgin


Regardless of the way that the unmistakable sorts of cooking and courses of action are capable if they feel well, the milder cooking and requiring less fat, for instance, gurgling, Steam, iron, stove or microwave are commonly better prepared.


Nourishments, for example, baked good, mechanical bread kitchen, chip-type snacks, pre-cooked or low-quality fricasseed sustenances, desserts or sugary soda pops give increasingly fat, salt and/or sugar and less basic supplements than the body needs to. As such, it is attractive over eat them now and again. In the event that we expend them We will routinely forget the nourishments that are extremely fundamental. Likewise, the majority of them additionally contribute numerous calories so their standard utilization can cause an undesirable weight gain. Like the straggling leftovers of the masses, it is moreover proposed limit the use of liquor.


It is attractive to have one of the suppers of the day, at any rate, with family partners around a table, and anyway much as could sensibly be normal eat similar items and dishes. Abstain from eating fewer carbs or expending sustenances other than rest of the gathering, will assist us with normalizing and loosen up the season of the supper, diminishing the pressure and the impression of feeling wiped out.

Following these ten sets up the premise of a reasonable eating routine. On the off chance that you we include a normal physical movement (adjusted to the conceivable outcomes of every one) the outcome will be the upkeep of a nourishing and physical state as ideal as conceivable fundamental to confront the diverse medicines and periods of the illness.


The first thing we should do daily when getting up is to drink water. A good glass of water (better at room temperature than cold) helps to hydrate the body, to wake up and prepare the digestive system and to prevent constipation.

We often have more appetite during the morning. Let's take advantage of this moment to eat beneficial foods for our body and not of low nutritional value or less healthy.

Although we can distribute breakfast in two takes (morning and mid-morning), the best reminder of how a good breakfast should be is building an "imaginary square" to remind us that we should incorporate different types of food in each vertex, thus ensuring that the following four groups are always included in breakfast.

These 4 food groups can also be accompanied in lesser quantity and frequency of jam, cocoa powder, honey, coffee, chocolate, chocolate cream ..., according to the preferences of each person.

1. Bread or cereals

Important to have the necessary energy to face physically, emotionally and intellectually all the activities until the time of eating. The priority foods of this group would be bread, its derivatives and variants (white bread, integral, from seeds, multigrain, rustic, toast, crispbread, little sticks ...) as well as breakfast cereals low in sugar, rich in fiber or müesli type, provided that food is not contraindicated whole or fiber-rich

2. Dairy.

Important for calcium, vitamins and proteins that contribute. Milk and its derivatives are, like yoghurts and all varieties of cheese (cottage cheese, fresh, semi-cured, cheeses ...). You can choose the whole, semi-skimmed or skimmed option as appropriate. Remember that there are lactose-free versions for intolerant to milk sugar.

3. Fresh fruit

Whole, in smoothie or in fruit salad must also be present every morning If you don't participate in the primary hour, it tends to be a decent snack to midmorning

4. Protein foods.

The need to expand the Protein commitment amid breakfast amid disease treatment. Therefore, it is recommended Include 15-30 g of protein foods at least three times a week. The cooked ham, the cured ham, turkey, tuna, sardines in tin or nuts are some options to consider.

Food groups that should include breakfast

If in the morning you are despondent a good option would be to prepare a glass of a complete milkshake, including the 4 recommended groups. Below are some proposals based on dairy, fruit, cereals and nuts. They are not the only ones. Each person can adapt them to your tastes and preferences using other fruits or adding others ingredients. The important thing is to maintain proportions of similar ingredients to ensure they remain complete and nutritious, thus providing each shake about 300 kcal, about 9-10 g of protein and about 4 g of fiber.

1 natural yogurt The juice of 1 orange (without strain) a handful of hazelnuts (10 units) a handful of cereals without sugar (20-25 g) 1 natural yogurt 1 pear 6 almonds 3 Mary-type cookies (optional: rich in fiber in the case that should be increased) a splash of lemon juice 1 glass of semi milk (200 ml) ½ banana 3 nuts a handful of müesli (25 g) a splash of lemon juice 1 vaso de leche 1 manzana 5 avellanas 1 rebanada de pan (blanco, integral, multicereales...) splash of lemon juice

Examples of full breakfast smoothies

Mid-morning is a good time to complete breakfast and include some of the recommended groups that were not included in the first hour. It is also a good time to remember to drink water or other drinks like tea or infusions.


The composition of the breakfast can be applied equally to the snack time since it is advisable to eat the same food groups. Also, it would be necessary to take advantage of this period to ingest those that, although essential, could not be incorporated during the rest of the day. We refer to fruit, dairy, nuts, dried fruit (raisins, plums ...) or even vegetables.


Fruit, nuts, fruit dried, bread, toast, little sticks ..., milk, yogurt natural, cheeses, popcorn of corn, egg custard, ham, turkey, tuna, cookies, müesli, carrot, avocado

Combination examples

  • Macedonia with dried fruit
  • Natural yogurt with oats or müesli
  • Natural yogurt with nuts
  • Tostaditas of bread with oil and
  • Toast with cheese cream
  • Avocado and tuna sandwich
  • Small turkey sandwich
      Coffee with milk and cookies or a
  • Yogurt, fruit and fruit smoothie
  • Fruit juice and handful of fruits
  • Orange and carrot smoothie


Food or preparations that can be ingested for a bite: The measure of nourishment prescribed at lunch and supper will rely upon the characteristics of each person: age, weight, physical activity or appetite. But nevertheless, Whatever the necessary amount, it is very important that both are always created, as a base, of some nourishment from every one of the accompanying gatherings: VEGETABLES AND VEGETABLES:


Raw: salads, cold and cooked soups: boiled, steam, oven, griddle, sauteed ...


Potatoes, cereals and derivatives: rice, wheat, corn, quinoa, pasta, bread, semolina, legumes ...


White and blue fish, seafood: cuttlefish, squid, mussels ...; meats mainly white: rabbit, chicken, turkey, eggs ..


Mainly seasonal fresh fruit, and alternated with cooked or compote fruit, dried fruit, natural yogurt, nuts..