Nutrition types that ought to be available at snacks and meals


 Wheat, rice and different oats or grains, for example, quinoa, oats and every one of its subsidiaries bread, pasta ... Alongside potatoes and vegetables, make up this gathering of nourishments and ought to dependably be available at lunch and supper. It is fitting to differ and choose consistently, on the off chance that it isn't contraindicated, the fundamental form of oats and subordinates. .


Crude as plates of mixed greens, cold soups or gazpachos or cooked bubbled, steamed, sautéed, heated, in cream, puree or tortilla ought to likewise dependably be available in the two dinners.


 Eggs, meat, fish and shellfish are likewise fundamental for snacks and meals since they are the primary wellspring of proteins of high natural esteem.

Another legitimate alternative to devour total proteins of high organic incentive without eating nourishments of creature starting point is the mix of vegetables with grains, nuts and/or seeds. This choice can give total proteins, as long as the blends are fitting. The following are a few instances of dishes that meet these prerequisites. If you have something that you do not worry about, there is no problem for some people.

Lentils stewed with rice Couscous vegetables with vegetables, chickpeas, nuts and raisins) Multigrain bread sandwich with seeds, loaded down with chickpea puree, lettuce and tomato Mexican corn tortillas with red bean glue and avocado Quinoa stew with white beans and vegetables. Lentil serving of mixed greens, rice, corn and sunflower seeds, pumpkin. Pasta serving of mixed greens, with corn, peas and vegetables to taste tomato, carrot. Noodle soup with rice and beans or chickpeas

In our culture, the consumption of dessert after lunch is very common. Remember that the ideal dessert is fruit and, occasionally, yogurts, cheeses or other dairy desserts. To ensure that all food groups are included at noon and by At night, some of the following patterns can be selected, since they can be very useful when planning meals that guarantee the consumption of enough calories, proteins and the rest of the essential nutrients to maintain optimal nutritional status.

Couscous salad with chickpeas, lentils and avocado

Pattern 1. The most standard option:

It is the best combination for most adults who are under cancer treatment, who have a correct weight and perform moderate physical activity. . With this pattern we ensure the necessary energy and proteins and encourage the consumption of vegetables, essential for its content in vitamins, minerals, fiber and water, essential for the proper functioning of the whole body and basic to avoid constipation

Examples of this pattern would be:

  A plate of seasonal salad + a plate of cuttlefish with peas. A dish of vegetable stew a dish of grilled chicken breast with baked potato garrison

Pattern 2. A lighter option

Recommended for people who have little physical activity and should control more energy they consume to avoid weight gain, ensuring a correct and nutritionally complete contribution. In this case it is recommended that the size of the second dish be smaller, like a dessert plate. Of course, although it is a lighter option, since the ration of farinaceous is reduced, the protein portion that must be present daily at lunch and dinner in sufficient quantity should never be reduced. Yes, the simple cooking, low in fat, limiting sauces and high-calorie creams.

Example 3. The total single dish

This example joins all the nutritional categories in a similar dish. It is a decent decision for the days when we have little craving, in light of the fact that in a solitary dish the three prescribed fundamental gatherings are fused. As appeared in the accompanying precedents, this one of a kind plate can be set up as a plate joined with 3 particularly isolated segments, or as a total plate, where the 3 nutritional categories are blended in a similar planning.

1. Bread with tomato serving of mixed greens omelet
2. Hake barbecued potato and steamed broccoli
3. Zucchini barbecued chicken rice flame broiled
4. Couscous of vegetables and chicken
5. Lentil and fish serving of mixed greens
6. Sautéed spaghetti with zucchini and salmon
7. Pounded pumpkin and potato with slashed egg
8. Spinach with chickpeas and cod

On the off chance that you have next to no craving, the measure of vegetables ought to be littler to guarantee in any event the utilization of the most caloric nourishments and with the most noteworthy healthful thickness, for example, farinaceous, vegetables, eggs, meat and/or fish. It is likewise prescribed not to drink amid suppers to not expand the sentiment of totality. In the event that you are parched, You can drink increasingly nutritious fluids, for example, regular natural product juice. Later we give solid exhortation to when the loss of craving is enduring.

Example 4. The most fiery alternative

It is a decent method to guarantee every one of the supplements and vitality required at the season of the principle supper, particularly in circumstances where more vitality is required. This is the situation of grown-ups with right weight yet with an exceptionally dynamic life, who perform physical movement in an extremely customary and high power, or individuals who should put on weight.

Plan the encouraging

Essential rules for overseeing diet amid treatment

Exhaustion, uneasiness and absence of craving are a portion of the symptoms of the malady and its treatment that can thwart the ampleness of an adequate and solid eating routine. The following are a few rules that can help comprehend a basic, productive and safe day by day nourishment.

Plan the benefiting from a week by week premise can help guarantee the incorporation of the amount and recurrence of all nutritional categories prescribed previously. Albeit, because of the presence of conceivable symptoms of the treatment, it won't generally be conceivable to tail it, having it made and organized in a noticeable spot, it will assist us with making progressively shifted and adjusted dinners, and have a more noteworthy assorted variety of nourishments to plan suppers that adjust to conceivable stomach related clutters that may show up the days after chemotherapy.

Exploit to go out to shop for the days when you feel good and, most importantly, Keep the rundown made to guarantee that all the vital nourishment is acquired to cover the arranging. Weariness, inconvenience and absence of craving can make eating progressively sufficiently troublesome and adjusted way.

Ensure you generally have nutritious sustenances at home so you don't stop Eat for absence of want to go out on the town to shop. It is prudent to have at home Food that needs little arrangement or is prepared to expend: pots cooked vegetables, canned fish and fish, sardines, cockles, eggs, potatoes or pureed potatoes, chipped couscous, organic product, nuts, dried natural product, canned tomato, solidified fish, chicken, stew, plate of mixed greens , bread…

 The day you feel better, with quality and want to cook, you can exploit to get ready more and store it in the ice chest (two or three days) or stop it in individual segments. Therefore, amid those occasions when you don't have a craving for cooking, you just need to defrost and/or heat the arrangements. It is vital to take note of the date of readiness in the holders. It can likewise be utilized to control fixings and abandon them prepared to eat. The melon, watermelon or pineapple can be cut into solid shapes and put away in the ice chest in a secured compartment, so it may be important to open the pot and expend its substance straightforwardly. The photograph would be like aquesta, tot I that isn't aquesta, I will pass it to you in breu

Request help if fundamental if there should be an occurrence of not having the capacity to cook or purchase because of the presence of symptoms of the treatment.

Pursue great clean practices while getting ready sustenance. A few medicines can diminish the quantity of safeguards, so there is a more serious danger of contamination through nourishment. These rules include continually washing your hands previously you begin cooking, having your kitchen and utensils clean, washing nourishment that will be eaten crude, cooking enough sustenance, for example, meat and chicken, keeping nourishment well and assessing dates of lapse, among others.

What are the conceivable impacts of malignancy and its treatment at noon?

The effect that each tumor can have on the organism, together with the effects of your treatment, can make it difficult to enjoy a good diet, because which can affect both the ability to eat enough or to incorporate some food group as to the ability to absorb certain nutrients. This can cause malnutrition, which in turn can cause weakness, fatigue and inability to cope with optimal oncological treatment. The type of cancer and its location together with the type, dose and duration of treatment are deciding components in the event or not of symptoms or in the severity of these.

The main treatments against cancer that can affect our nutritional status are surgery, especially that which affects any part or organ of the digestive system, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and transplantation of hematopoietic progenitors.

Therefore, in addition to pointing out the most common side effects that affect feeding and point out some basic dietary recommendations to deal with them in this first guide, the collection also has guidelines dietetic and culinary specific for different locations of the tumor. A) Yes Well, if we are under treatment of breast tumors, head area and / or neck, colorectal, lung, esophagogastric or gynecological (ovary, endometrium, etc.), or treatment is planned by transplant of hematopoietic progenitors, we recommend consulting directly the volume of this collection, specifically intended for each type of tumor.


Malignant growth itself Cancer alone involves a progression of circumstances that can trade off the dietary status of the individual for the most part on account of the loss of longing for achieved by the sickness itself, the torment it might cause, sorrow or uneasiness. The medical procedure Some patients with malignant growth are treated with medical procedure and this expands the nourishing needs of every person since the body requires a sum additional vitality and proteins to mend wounds, battle diseases and face the resulting recuperation stage. In the event that the patient is malnourished before medical procedure you may have issues amid recuperation (poor mending or diseases, for instance). Medical procedure in the region of the head, neck, throat, stomach, pancreas or the digestive system can essentially trade off their wholesome status, We prescribe that you visit the distribution expected for every one of these tumors

After most medical procedures usually for patients to feel torment, be worn out or lose their craving. For a brief timeframe, some of them don't they will most likely eat what they normally ate because of these side effects. The inside where they have played out the medical procedure will deal with the bolstering amid your hospitalization, however once you are released and come back to your home, you should try to counsel your eating routine expert as of that minute. If not there is no contraindication it is prescribed to do a sustaining adjusted as the one clarified previously.

Chemotherapy and targeted treatments

Chemotherapy is a systemic treatment that affects the cells that grow quickly, as are the cancer cells, but that can also affect to some healthy cells, such as those in the mouth or digestive tract. Therefore, the Chemotherapy can cause problems feeding and digesting. The effects most common side effects that may directly compromise feeding during this treatment are loss of appetite (anorexia), nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, asthenia (fatigue) or change of flavors, symptoms that may show up a couple of hours subsequent to beginning treatment yet that They will in general hold on a few days.

Radiation therapy

Radiation therapy is a localized treatment that directly affects cancer cells but can also destroy healthy cells near the area irradiated The amount of the damage will depend on the part of the body that is treated, the total radiation dose and how it is administered.

Radiation therapy to the area of the digestive system can cause more problems when feeding. Most side effects begin few weeks after starting radiation therapy and some can continue for months after the end of treatment. It can also cause fatigue, which, in turn, can lead to decreased appetite.

So, as can be seen, both surgery and radiotherapy and chemotherapy can cause situations in which you can be compromised the feeding and, therefore, the nutritional status of the patient. However, no All these symptoms occur in all types of cancer or treatments. Moreover, it ought to be borne as a primary concern that every individual is extraordinary and that tolerance to therapies is also variable. Thusly, there are no broad suggestions that serve for all cases. Each patient should adjust their diet using those recommendations that work for them. in this number.