New system against breast cancer

As we explained earlier, one of the biggest problems faced by cancer patients is not just the treatment, but their tumors have been discovered in too advanced stages. For the cause of this problem, there is a Valencian company that a few years ago developed Mammi, a system that also detects early cancer, in this case the breast, thanks to its high-definition molecular images.

And, while most machines detect tumors in the breast when they are at least a centimeter in size, Mammi manages to locate them from a millimeter and a half. This technology, always according to the company itself, has a 98.5% efficiency in the detection of such tumors and is already applied in clinics in several cities around the world..

5.- The scanner that emits half the radiation

One of the worst consequences of the detection and treatment of cancer is the high level of radiation to which the patient is exposed, with which much of the current technologies also fight, as far as possible, to mitigate this effect. And that is precisely what a system launched by Philips at the end of 2013 has achieved. According to its developers, its technology manages to perform a cancer treatment emitting half the radiation of most systems, with the consequent advantage for the patient.

In addition, this system, self-described PET / CT Imaging, consists of a scanner (of a value between 1,500 and 2,000 dollars) that, like several of the above-mentioned, also fight to detect tumors in a much earlier stage.

Food tips: what types of food reinforce the defenses to prepare the body?

It is common for cancer patients to have difficulties feeding themselves adequately and, as a consequence, nutritional problems that can become severe and cause malnutrition. This pathology affects 15-30% of the patients at the time of diagnosis and rises up to 80% in cases of advanced cancer.

The causes that lead to nutritional deficiency are multiple and group factors related to the individual, the tumor (mechanical and for the production of certain substances) and the treatments applied (surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy) and its secondary effects in the medium and long term .

The deteriorated nutritional status has a direct effect on the quality of life and on the prognosis of the neoplastic disease. It leads to a progressive physical wear with weakness, exhaustion and alteration of the defensive system of the organism, which predisposes to infections. In addition, it produces a decrease in response to treatment, with increased toxicity.

During treatment, it is common for patients have side effects that They negatively influence their proper nutrition: loss of appetite, nausea and vomiting, sores in the mouth, diarrhea or constipation, changes in the taste of meals, etc. Therefore, it is very important to eat well, which means choosing a balanced diet that contains all the nutrients that the body needs (proteins, fats, sugars, vitamins and minerals). It is advisable to eat foods rich in calories and proteins such as milk, cheese, eggs, butter, etc.

 One of the questions frequently raised by both patients and their families is whether the contribution of vitamins, minerals and dietary supplements is effective in fighting the disease. There is no evidence that these supplements have this effect and therefore should not be recommended.

In general, you can give the following tips to stimulate appetite and improve the daily diet: eat when you have appetite even outside conventional hours, repeat the foods that are better tolerated, walk before meals to stimulate appetite, eat in a pleasant environment and in company, use large plates to make it look like we have less food, eat purees and juices in the that we combine different foods and they are easy to ingest, etc.

With respect to the decrease of guards delivered by the treatment, it is important to demand again on a total and adjusted eating routine, since it can not be said that specific sustenances stay away from this issue.

 Devour prepared sustenance rather than crude, eat organic product that can be stripped, stay away from baked goods with cream or cream, eat industrialized nourishments with strict microbiological control, don't eat cold cuts, cheddar or curds, cooking with virgin olive oil, include flavors or herbs amid cooking, utilize express pot (sanitize), drink natural product squeezes or bundled vegetables, wash your hands every now and again when cooking.

At long last, it ought to be noticed that in spite of the fact that all in all a legitimate eating routine is fundamental amid treatment, we likewise realize that to battle probably the most regular reactions of specific sustenances, they give a significant help. We know items and formulas that can alleviate blockage, looseness of the bowels, mucositis, sickness, dryness mouth, and so forth. Peruse book: Help and self improvement formulas for the oncological patient (see reference in Recommended readings).

Experimental treatment with immune cells has completely eliminated an incurable breast cancer

An ongoing and promising investigation demonstrated the all out relapse of a bosom malignant growth that had recently been treated by different methods without progress. This new treatment utilizes transformations as a "direct" with the goal that it is simply the invulnerable framework that assaults the cells that reason the tumor. This, the analysts clarify, could be utilized to battle different kinds of disease. Furthermore, best of all, the exploration is as of now in clinical stage II.

At the point when there is no more expectation

In the distributed paper, the patient is close to a negligible subject, without a name or face. In any case, behind this amalgam of data there is a lady who had just been "expelled" from life. We are discussing an individual with a metastasis brought about by bosom malignant cancer.

As per the analysts, in a chilly logical tone, this patient had attempted "different out how to decrease the movement of malignancy in her body. It was then that the patient joined up with this exploratory treatment, as of now in the clinical stage, with nothing to lose.

But, he won the big stake. In the planned treatment, the creators clarified, all the tumor cells vanished, dispatching until more than twenty after two months. We discussed a 100% abatement when there was no desire left for this lady.

In the aseptic expressions of Tom Misteli, executive of the Center for Cancer Research, of immunotherapy. occurrences that advanced medication can create.

Immunotherapy against malignant cancer

What is immunotherapy? The capacity of the safe framework is a standout amongst the most mind boggling and complex that exist. As we probably am aware it better we are figuring out how to form it and use it for our advantage. Specifically, immunotherapy is to utilize it to battle maladies that we can not fix generally.

For this, what we do is to adjust some piece of the immunological procedure with the goal that it is equipped for wrecking the wellspring of the illness. For instance, for this situation, an immunotherapeutic strategy called cell supportive exchange, or ACT for its abbreviation in English, is utilized, which includes bringing adjusted lymphocytes into the patient.

These lymphocytes have been set up in the research facility to distinguish "changes" of tumor cells. So the analysts arranged exceptional lymphocytes known as "tumor infiltrators" in the research facility.

These tumor invading lymphocytes are seen assaulting malignancy cells, however they are not generally as fruitful as they ought to be. However, being changed in the lab, where they are set up to distinguish tumor cells beyond a shadow of a doubt, they turn out to be awfully powerful, as the analysts have appeared.