The general malignant growth fix rates appear to frequent half Therefore, malignant growth isn't an irremediably deadly illness, it is progressively, not normal for some perpetual ailments, which are serious and advancement and end up confounding, Many tumors mend without giving more issues.

Nonetheless, malignant growths keep on having that "dark legend, which has imperative results. Minor tumors with a high shot of mending, accompany a negative social charge that circumstance to them, they don't trust it.

On the off chance that somebody endures a non-dangerous illness, they may bite the dust, yet the patient accompanies the mindset that the greater part of them are relieved. In any case, the patient who endures a malignancy with a similar fix rate as that malady, never entirely trusts it and keeps on being apprehensive. Regardless of whether you clarify that you are as of now treated and relieved, you never feel sound, and what you feel is of extraordinary significance.

It may be the case that if all patients who have pneumonia are compelled to make modifications at regular intervals with a chest x-beam insinuating the likelihood of having another progressively genuine pneumonia, we would make such dread in them that they would finish up biting the dust of pneumonia. In the event that you think you are wiped out, it is certain that you will finish up being wiped out.

Be that as it may, the issue is twofold: in the speculative and impossible case that there is a finished mental help to correct the patient in this conviction, the patient should battle with a second malignant growth: the general population around him, society, the media, and what is more terrible: the specialist who will treat him, even unknowingly, as an a patient who can kick the bucket despite the fact that he is restored, and to battle against this requires a lot of individual quality.

Now and again it is difficult to ingrain the patient one thing when whatever is left of the world is transmitting the inverse. Furthermore, having less rule than his specialist and himself.

Specialists need to concentrate on giving the patient the best treatment we know. Be that as it may, an imperative part This treatment is to adjust this demeanor and help the patient to realize that he doesn't need to pass on. The most noticeably awful thing that there is in disease is the conviction of society, of the patient and the specialist "that everything is pointless".


The tumor development elements portrayed by Antonio Bru was concentrated through sequential photos and ascertaining the equation Mathematics of tumor development. Nothing can be more logical than a numerical report. At that point he had an instinct that They utilized two patients to treat malignant growth and it worked. Antonio Bru had quite recently distributed his disclosure in a logical diary and the press resounded it.


This work uncovers the conceivable fix of a patient of 56 years with cutting edge hepatocellular carcinoma. Peritumoral neutrophilia power was accomplished by directing the animating component of granulocyte provinces, an exploratory treatment situated in the hypothesis of the all inclusive elements of the tumor. After the In the principal cycle of about two months of treatment, the dimension of the patient's alpha-fetoprotein (AFP) was decreased to typical and his general condition sufficiently enhanced to enable him to come back to the work. Following a second cycle of treatment, directed because of uncertainty with respect to the tumoral nature or Inflammatory of the (presently littler) mass of the liver, the patient's AFP levels stayed ordinary and he kept on getting a charge out of good broad wellbeing.

That was conceivable lawfully: approaching medicines for a strategy that you were called humane use, which is the way the two realized patients had been dealt with. The office Spanish medication just conceded cases that were like those treated (progressed hepatocellular carcinoma and no probability of another treatment, and metastatic melanoma). What's more, when a case was in all actuality, the specialist was solicited to give an occasional report from the advancement of the patient. The SEOM (Spanish Society of Medical Oncology) and the AECC (Spanish Association Against Cancer) They repudiated that patients were treated along these lines on the grounds that there were no clinical investigations. Notwithstanding, he has not been permitted to complete a clinical report comprising of treating 20 patients with a terminal ousting "to have a little measurements of results.

Sudden had a patient with a propelled hepatocarcinoma and with exceptionally great general condition. I was expelled for any customary treatment (I didn't meet any criteria for to be dealt with), and I disclosed to him that we would complete a palliative and symptomatic treatment.

A light proceeded and I "taught" it, like my commitment, of what happened with the treatment of Bru: a patient with a comparable disease, basically sick, with bleeding edge hepatocarcinoma assaulting the vena cava, after the treatment it was clearly altogether clinical and efficient decrease. I educated him concerning guilelessness of the treatment at those measurements. Since it is a "sedate used commonly" yet not with that model and just to institutionalize the neutrophil numbers, not to manufacture them more than run of the mill. She didn't defer and immediately assented to endeavor that opportunity.

 I made the path toward requesting the prescription for Compassionate Use for that particular treatment and once it was in truth, I called the patient to teach her of the merry news. Regardless, what was my unforeseen that I answered with a voice I don't have the foggiest thought whether "panicked", or mortified for not studying my effort. I was sorry to learn indicate that it happened her young lady to keep talking, and she let me know

I had guided with said crisis facility. I don't have the foggiest thought regarding his later progression since days afterward I left Lanzarote. Months sometime later, without However, by methods for email, the young lady moved toward me for the treatment yet again, something that I would never again do as is reliable since I was outside the therapeutic center "system".

Information on threat expectation From the Code against illness

  • Do not smoke.
  • Do not drink just alcohol.
  • Increase consistently use of "fresh" vegetables and normal items.
  • Eat "whole grain" oats.
  • Avoid excess weight, exercise and most extreme the use of sustenances high in fat to the best.
  • Avoid sunburn, especially kids.
  • Strictly seek after the benchmarks planned to avoid any introduction to malignant growth causing substances. Meet all
    Prosperity and security bearings concerning substances that may cause harm.

Data on dietary proposals

  • Consume day by day products of the soil
  • Consume 20-35 gr. of fiber daily: devour oats (rice,
    bread wheat, pasta and so forth.) "integrals". Try not to devour hydrocarbons
    refined: sugar, for the most part white flour, mechanical bread kitchen, desserts.
  • Physical work out. Not focused or unpleasant.
  • Limit the every day utilization of liquor.
  • Reduce the utilization of salted, marinated and smoked.
    Better to dispense with.
  • Limit the utilization of greasy sustenances of creature starting point:
    Why not dispense with? Take out trans fats (margarines, oils
    vegetables not distinguished as protected ...), take sustenance with
    omega unsaturated fats

Oncological conclusion data

The conclusion of a malignant growth is the entirety of three elements: Compatible facility. Picture tests, expansion and advancement after some time. Give a supposition. Tumors are those that leave a swelling or lump in a few sections of the body or neurotic adjustments because of the developing multiplication of the cells of an organ or a piece of it. There are numerous generous and regular tumors. has a "tumor" that isn't malignant growth as long as it doesn't demonstrate a "quick tumor development that influences the life of the individual as of now or conceivably". Benevolent tumors don't influence life of the patient for the most part.

The master picks whether the advancement is great with the improvement of a hurtful or pleasant tumor. The pathologist can not break down a threatening development: they in like manner have the probability of crucial obligation and certain improvement and headway of the harm. The over the top assurance relies upon the office, if not, it isn't undeniable in solitude. A CT check, a resonation, or a PET-CT channel itself alone they are not investigations of threatening development if there were no clinical, morphological and over the top serendipitous occasions. finding of illness.

If we review under the amplifying focal point damage under fix or a touch of bone recouping or the telephones of a developing life: they resemble those of a dangerous development. Dangerous development cells emulate dependably "as they do the organisms "(see considers by Heinrich Kremer). Threat. We are talking about sickness or unsafe neoplasms and great tumors or merciful neoplasms. Neoplasia is strange cell extension that has most likely a couple of features: Growth unessential to the destitute. Compressive ill will in pleasant or hurtful assault. Predictable advancement without purpose behind the living thing. Irreversibility.

Oncological confirmation data

The confirmation of an unsafe advancement is the whole of three elements: Compatible office. Picture tests, expansion and enhancement after some time. In like manner, masochist life structures. The pathologist has to know the workplace and without it you can not all things considered give an end. Tumors are those that leave a swelling or projection in two or three fragments of the body or over the best changes because of the making augmentation of the cells of an organ or a touch of it. There are different kindhearted and conventional tumors. has a "tumor" that isn't ailment as long as it doesn't demonstrate an "energetic tumor headway that impacts the life of the person right now or potentially". Kind tumors don't affect life of the patient by and large.

The master picks whether the enhancement is extraordinary with the progression of a damaging or liberal tumor. The pathologist can not separate a risk: they likewise have the likelihood of vital obligation and certain enhancement and progress of the mischief. The obsessive finding depends upon the workplace, if not, it isn't definitive in isolation. A CT check, a resounding, or a PET-CT review itself alone they are not completions of disease if there were no clinical, morphological and masochist unplanned events. of unsafe advancement. That is the reason in the reports of the tests put "immaculate.

On the off chance that we look at under the magnifying lens an injury under fix or a bit of bone recovering or the phones of a hatchling: they are like those of a malignancy. Malignant growth cells repeat continually "as they do the microorganisms "(see ponders by Heinrich Kremer) . We are discussing disease or harmful neoplasms and amiable tumors or kindhearted neoplasms. Neoplasia is strange cell expansion that has probably a few highlights: Growth inconsequential to the penniless. Compressive hostility in benevolent or harmful attack. Nonstop development without reason for the creature. Irreversibility.

A valuable method to characterize them as kind or threatening is to see their impact on: "ordinary improvement and level of duty of the life of the patient. "The reasons for this duty to the patient's essential capacities and consequently those in charge of the" threat "would be tissue invasion, devastation of tissues and the capacity to spread at a separation.

The anatomopathological conclusion of neoplasms (which we definitely know is uncertain) is plainly visible and minute. The naturally visible investigates five perspectives: shape-delimitation, estimate, surface, shading and consistency. The minute investigation incorporates basic and cytological modifications. One of these cytological qualities is cell separation. Most kind tumors are very much separated: their cells look like develop cells. Harmful tumors have less separated cells than typical. In this way, ineffectively separated or undifferentiated tissues are considered a "likely" indication of harm, or even a solid determination.

There is no detached cytological component that enables us to guarantee that a tumor is dangerous. A danger as harmful. They are circuitous information, not symptomatic all by themselves. These cytological adjustments that assistance yet not analyze By themselves malignant growth are: Variations in cell size and shape (anisocytosis). Varieties of the cores (anisocariosis). Conspicuous nucleoli Nuclear hyperchromatism. Modification of the core/cytoplasm proportion. Furthermore, mitosis plenteous and/or atypical. Obviously the more prominent the quantity of mitoses per field (cells in division) more noteworthy cell expansion, the neoplasm will develop all the more rapidly. There are other neurotic information to finish up a finding as tissue attack and so forth., which we don't treat.


Without anyone else they are not analytic of malignant growth either. When you are given a CT, MRI, or PET-CT report: kindly don't peruse it! It will just make alarm, it can not comprehend what it says and its amazing quality, most likely, isn't as genuine as you put stock in the frenzy that it delivers However, this frenzy makes you debilitated more. The obscure is constantly unnerving, and accordingly hinders its Energy diminishes your physical and mental safeguards. You must have trust in specialists. These days they are great prepared and the reports are proficient about their condition yet for us specialists, not to be perused by the patient, regardless of whether they are its proprietor and can guarantee them at whatever point I need them. I had a patient who was worked toward the end on the grounds that the imaging tests made everything appalling, at that point I had no more that uterine myomas and a tumor (3 cm) in the bladder "in relapse". Possibly in oncology we should begin rehashing biopsies in subsequent meet-ups when there are questions


At the point when a tumor is wrecked it incidentally expands the markers. In any case, there is a propensity to recognize a marker with malignancy in increment. The tumor markers when all is said in done are not analytic of malignant growth. The markers don't fill in as an early finding against uncertain centers: in the event that they are utilized for this, it is misbehavior. They are resolved when there is "doubt" of malignant growth to have one additional information and rely on the underlying figure on the off chance that it is. Your outcomes may panic the patient pointlessly. Indeed they are a Useful device in the observing of specific malignant growths. It is negligence to request tumor markers "without a clinical premise of suspected malignant growth". On the off chance that you don't request more proof than this is the specialist does not realize how to analyze a malignant growth. A few specialists are they accept with the expert to ask for them as the main proof against unwarranted criteria.

 This test should just be asked for by specialists with training in malignant growth. In these cases they are an essential cost, financial and mental in the patient. At long last In the observing of a tumor, the expansion of a tumor marker does not without anyone else show organization of palliative chemotherapy.


What is life, where we originate from, how to keep up the indispensable vitality. Working of our minds, the left yet additionally the "right". Perception, information preparing and, attentive activity. Mind control methods. Hypothesis of frameworks. Cell beneficial interaction in multicellular living beings. Sensory system, Vascular System, Lymphatic System, Reticular System, Basic Pischinguer System, Cell Recycling System, Energy System.

Assortments of which we are made: physical-vigorous body, etheric body, and astral body. Working of the tumor cell, carcinogenesis and vitality generation by the mitochondria, mitochondrial digestion.

In chemotherapy: non-therapeutic targets, blockages in the metabolism, transmission of irreversible effects, long-term effects, energy depletion, cellular and intercellular poisoning, nuclear and mitochondrial genetic alterations, irreversible inherited alterations

 Useful non-pharmacological treatments: Homeopathy according to Banergi, Papimi, Electro Cancer therapy, Relaxation, Visualization. Other natural techniques

Psychotherapy and psychology, relationship with the patient, how to inform, how to respect the patient's decisions without affecting us. Psychosomatic Medicine. New Medicine of Hamer. Nutrition and Diet Therapy